Node.js v5.11.0 Documentation

Command Line Options#

Node.js comes with a wide variety of CLI options. These options expose built-in debugging, multiple ways to execute scripts, and other helpful runtime options.

To view this documentation as a manual page in your terminal, run man node.


node [options] [v8 options] [script.js | -e "script"] [arguments]

node debug [script.js | -e "script" | <host>:<port>] …

node --v8-options

Execute without arguments to start the REPL.

For more info about node debug, please see the debugger documentation.


-v, --version#

Print node's version.

-h, --help#

Print node command line options. The output of this option is less detailed than this document.

-e, --eval "script"#

Evaluate the following argument as JavaScript. The modules which are predefined in the REPL can also be used in script.

-p, --print "script"#

Identical to -e but prints the result.

-c, --check#

Syntax check the script without executing.

-i, --interactive#

Opens the REPL even if stdin does not appear to be a terminal.

-r, --require module#

Preload the specified module at startup.

Follows require()'s module resolution rules. module may be either a path to a file, or a node module name.


Silence deprecation warnings.


Print stack traces for deprecations.


Throw errors for deprecations.


Prints a stack trace whenever synchronous I/O is detected after the first turn of the event loop.


Automatically zero-fills all newly allocated Buffer and SlowBuffer instances.


Track heap object allocations for heap snapshots.


Automatically zero-fills all newly allocated Buffer and SlowBuffer instances.


Process v8 profiler output generated using the v8 option --prof.


Print v8 command line options.


Specify an alternative default TLS cipher list. (Requires Node.js to be built with crypto support. (Default))


Enable FIPS-compliant crypto at startup. (Requires Node.js to be built with ./configure --openssl-fips)


Force FIPS-compliant crypto on startup. (Cannot be disabled from script code.) (Same requirements as --enable-fips)


Specify ICU data load path. (overrides NODE_ICU_DATA)

Environment Variables#


','-separated list of core modules that should print debug information.


':'-separated list of directories prefixed to the module search path.

Note: on Windows, this is a ';'-separated list instead.


When set to 1 colors will not be used in the REPL.


Data path for ICU (Intl object) data. Will extend linked-in data when compiled with small-icu support.


Path to the file used to store the persistent REPL history. The default path is ~/.node_repl_history, which is overridden by this variable. Setting the value to an empty string ("" or " ") disables persistent REPL history.