Bioconductor 1.8 Packages - Monograph

Package Maintainer Title
ALLMLL B. M. Bolstad A subset of arrays from a large acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) study
AmpAffyExample Rafael A. Irizarry Example of Amplified Data
beta7 Jean Yang Rodriguez et al. (2004) Differential Gene Expression by Memory/Effector T Helper Cells Bearing the Gut-Homing Receptor Integrin alpha4 beta7.
facsDorit Florian Hahne DFKZ FACS example data
hgu2beta7 Ting-Yuan Liu A data package containing annotation data for hgu2beta7
kidpack Wolfgang Huber DFKZ kidney package
LogitBoost Marcel Dettling, Classification with LogitBoost, fixes by vjc
ProData Xiaochun Li SELDI-TOF data of Breast cancer samples
RbcBook1 Vince Carey Support for Springer monograph on Bioconductor
SpikeInSubset Rafael A. Irizarry Part of Affymetrix's Spike-In Experiment Data
yeastExpData R. Gentleman Yeast Experimental Data